wordpress repost: the scenic route

I’ve always loved driving around. Even in this grid-lock parking lot-esque highway-hell that we call our roads in Manila, I still manage to squeeze some pleasure from it. Late night driving is always exhilarating for some reason, but while still in high school my favorite stretch was a turn from the highway to our exit. The main road slopes down a little bit and up above, the view of the sky is clear and the sunset views are always breath-taking. It’s our favorite moment, my driver and I. We both stop chatting and just stare at it. We point out the different cloud formations and gleefully notice the dog in the sky or the boy with a ball or the chariots.

Yesterday, I was driving home and I remembered that turn and looked up and couldn’t see anything anymore but the outline of an overpass and a hyper mall blocking my view.

Don’t we all wish sometimes for the return of that clear view, that perspective we had when were bright-eyed and 15?